What We Do

  • Manage risk and protect capital.
  • Discover and research investments that provide an asymmetric return opportunity which significantly increases the possibility of positive returns versus negative returns.
  • Invest simply in a wide variety of securities in the public markets both domestically and internationally.

Stragegy Implementation

  • Opportunistic investing in market and security distortions
  • High liquidity in portfolio at all times. High cash positions, high volume insecurities owned and maintaining stops on core positions are fundamental to managing risk.
  • Performance-based fees that directly align our interests of capital preservation and consistent absolute returns with yours
  • Risk Management including:
    • Investing within your circle of competence
    • Buying something for less than it is worth
    • Requiring a margin of safety
    • Acute awareness and analysis of position sizes and industry concentrations
    • Willingness to hedge individual positions and/ or the entire portfolio
    • Take losses quickly, own your mistakes and learn from your mistakes.
      • Losses are part of investing. Period. Secret is to not let losses grow.
      • It is not the ones you sell that keep going up that matter. It is the one you haven’t sold that keeps going down.

Products and Fees

MAS offers customized, individually managed portfolios.

Investors can access an individually managed investment portfolio through two distinct fee structures:

1. One Percent Fixed Fee:
Minimum relationship value of $100,000

2. Performance-Based Fee of 70 Basis Points Fixed Fee + 20% Performance Fee:

  • Minimum account value of $750,000 or total declared assets of $1.5 million
  • Each account is individually managed with strict attention to the client’s tax, income and risk objectives.
  • If a client transfers cash to fund their MAS account then the account is immediately partially invested in MAS’ best investment opportunities at that time.
  • If a client transfer securities (or cash + securities) to fund their MAS account then a detailed analysis on transferred positions is conducted to ascertain investment and tax implications. Following the analysis, positions are sold and MAS’ best investment opportunities at that time are added.

It is important to note that MAS is impartial to securities transferred to us. We welcome low cost basis/ high concentration positions and can manage around them or tax-efficiently sell them over time while adding our core positions.

Other services

Many banks and wealth managers describe family office services as being comprised of: planning, investment and asset management, fiduciary and administration, and education and reporting.

However, there is a vacuum in the wealth world between the investment manager, the accountant and the attorney. MAS seeks to assist with special projects and asset needs that “fill in the cracks” in this area. Any project that requires the intersection of analysis and relationship management suits. MAS offers:

  • Multi-disciplinary skill set
  • Resourcefulness
  • Network
  • Bias for action

With almost 20 years of asset management experience, our ethical and moral compass is fixed, we have capability leverage beyond any other local institution and we have the time and energy to provide a solution.

While MAS can provide ALL of these services to you, the distinction from large banks and asset managers is that we can do so:

1. On an A La Carte basis
Unlike banks, etc – you can simply request MAS to assist you with performance reporting on several managers, or overseeing the management of a unique asset (aircraft, second properties, etc).

2. Locally, Quietly and Efficiently
At larger banks the “Family Office Services” are often located in another state and mired in bureaucracy. MAS offers locally responsive fiduciary, asset management and reporting family office services through a single point of contact.

“The market doesn’t reward comfort – it rewards discomfort.”