Who We Are

Sean A. Miller is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for Miller Asset Solutions LLC with the primary responsibilities of both research and the implementation of investment ideas. Mr. Miller started Miller Asset Solutions LLC in April 2010.

Prior to starting Miller Asset Solutions, LLC, Mr. Miller founded the Investment Management & Trust Division of Virginia National Bank in 2000 (now VNB Wealth Management) and until March 31, 2010 served as the firm’s Portfolio Manager, Investment Research Analyst and Trust Officer.

Mr. Miller began his investment management career with Sanford C. Bernstein as a Financial Advisor Associate in their West Palm Beach, FL office in 1996 and was asked to open their Washington D.C. office in 1998. From 1998 to 1999 he served as Investment Planning Analyst for the firm in Washington, D.C.

A native of Charlottesville, Virginia Mr. Miller lives with his family in Western Albemarle. Mr. Miller is a director of the Charlottesville Free Clinic. He received his B.A. in Classical History from Denison University in 1995 but learns something new every day.

10 investing rules we live by

1. Communicate with your clients

2. Risk is the permanent loss of capital.

3. Always insist on a margin of safety

4. Be patient and wait for the opportunity

5. Leverage kills absolutely

6. Opportunistic and contrarian investments lower risks and increase returns

7. Avoid unnecessary trading

8. Cash is a catalyst to greater value

9. Know the economic and political climate but don’t invest based on it

10. Read. Read some more.

“When researching and ultimately purchasing securities, what we are looking for is unrecognized value. Why has the market priced this security at an unwarranted discount? If the value is unrecognized and the price unwarranted, we will buy it.”